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White Horse Transit

A Grim ENT® Company

White Horse Transit offers a range of travel options that allow you to explore different realms and realities, each with its own unique magick and commerce. Our team of experienced travel consultants will help you plan a journey that takes you to the farthest reaches of the universe in comfort. Whether you're heading to a meeting at Olympus or exploring business opportunities overveils, we have something for everyone. Contact us today to start planning your next business trip. Bon Voyage!

New Bedlam

Capital City of the Netherworlds

Old End

The quainter suburb of New Bedlam. Where the upper class can relax and put their feet up.


Tartarus is both a place and a primordial deity. Often used as a prison to hold unmentionables.


Mountain where all the Greek gods get trashed and laid- I mean-
Live! This is where they live...for the most part.

Fairy Tale World

Where all fairy tales ever are real or were real, or rather where they started. But they might not have ended they way to books say they did. 

The Silence

This is the space between life and death.

Rose Noir

Cute French town by the edge of the forest of the Netherworlds


The ghetto, the slums, the abandoned, the used and abused and forgotten. This isn't just a city. It's the feeling in your soul when you realize there are worse places than rock bottom.
Suburb of New Bedlam

Fates's Realm

Realm of the three sisters of Fate


The Realm of Dream
The Realm of the Subconscious

The Realm of the Unconscious

Mount Meru

One of many different mountains at the Axis Mundi


This is the reality where mortal beings originate. Mostly refers to the planet they call Earth.


Alec's new gated vampire community, where it is always night. Suburb of New Bedlam.

Axis Mundi

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Axis Mundi

The actual axis of all realities, worlds, dimensions. The center of literally everything, bruh.

Fairy World

World of the Fae


House of Hel.
It's an underworld of the Norse variety.


There are actually lots of different underworlds. This one is the Greek one.

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