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Liam Devereaux

3rd Child of Victor Devereaux


Liam Devereaux is the third child of Victor Devereaux. He had enjoyed being the baby-vamp of the family while it had lasted. He had a fondness for the eldest brother, Alec, but Alec was often running off on errands which Liam was too "young" to join in on. This left him under Amelia's stricter supervision. Alec had helped Liam develop his lust for the finer things, and Liam had a distaste for calculated patience, which Amelia had tried to teach him.

When the two newest siblings came, both sisters, Liam finally was able to slip away from Amelia into Alec's shadow. Liam soon found out he didn't like that either. It was too much work, and he realized Alec was a mere delivery boy.

Instead, he began to spend time with his father. That is when he realized how good it was to be king, but even maintaining the title of King was still too much work. Instead, Liam decided he liked right where he was. The third child, the second son of Victor Devereaux, could get all the reward with zero of the work.

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