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Josanna Nevar

Ward of Victor


Josanna's time in the Netherworlds was nothing, if not tragic. In a different world, she was the youngest daughter of a wealthy couple. A loving mother and father. They lived in a country manor, and she and her older sister would play in the stream that ran through the woods. They would play with fairies, make bird nests out of mud, twigs, and moss, and they'd have teatime on the lawns.

In her late teens, Josanna's mother fell ill with consumption. Her illness weakened her slowly until she wasted away. A few weeks after her death, Josanna's father was attacked on a trip to the city to speak with his lawyers where he was brutally murdered in an alley. Josanna's sister was of legal age, and the two were making hasty arrangements to bring Josanna into her home. The sister was in no state to have Josanna live with her, but the love between the sisters was enough that neither of them could be happy unless both were safe. Before Josanna moved in with her sister, a wealthy benefactor introduced himself and explained that a friend of her mother's had offered to provide her with every opportunity for a stable and enriched life.

The young women, pressured by their circumstances, agreed. Once all their affairs were in order, Josanna was met by Alec VanGarrett, who took her to her new home at the Maison de Devereaux in The Netherworlds.

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