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Gabriel Devereaux

6th Child of Victor Devereaux


Gabriel Devereaux is the sixth child of Victor Devereaux. Having a family was important to Gabriel, so he tended to keep the peace, attempting to mediate arguments and find ways to keep the family together. He kept an eye on Alec for his father's sake, as Alec was known to be the troublemaker of the family. As a man who was not stupid, but also not known for having vast intelligence, he learned other skills that could be used to create harmony in the family. Gabriel is known for being a good actor, never breaking character, and he is also skilled in family politics, as he had watched his older sister Charlotte manage to manipulate her position in the family. He admired Charlotte's intelligence and ability to Chameleon. Gabriel, while enjoying the company of all his siblings, was closest to Victor's ward, Josanna, who he knew needed a watchful eye. As someone who was perceptive to the needs of the family, he gained favor from Victor for different reasons than his brother Alec had.

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