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Charlotte Devereaux

5th Child of Victor Devereaux


Charlotte Devereaux is the fifth child of Victor Devereaux. Charlotte was smarter than the rest of her siblings, or at least that is what she thought. If anything, she was secretly colder and more calculating. Outwardly however, she was a chameleon who adapted to her environment purely for self-preservation. She had no interest in gaining her father's favor or ruling the house, and Alec felt that she wasn't trying to live up to her potential. This rift ruined any chance of them having a good relationship since she saw his ambition as a good way of getting beheaded. Her main goal was to be passed by, unnoticed, as she sipped a bloody cocktail on a velvet sofa while she was wrapped in silk and rubies. She, unlike her other siblings, was smart enough to stay out of it and therefore, as she saw it, stay alive.

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