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God of Death
Angel of Death
or just plain DEATH
Grim Reaper
Malak ul-Maut


What is there to say about Death?

He is cold, calculating, dismissive, a know-it-all, rude, antisocial, lonely, self-loathing, and inevitable.
Among the primordials, they will often debate if Death and his twin Hypnos are secretly one of them/ Because once the first thing in existence existed, it would surely die, therefore Death was created at the start. But back then Death and Hypnos were the same being, which starts a whole other debate.

But the entire truth about Thanatos and his twin brother Hypnos is that they were once one, and then they were not. Everything about either of them boils down to that simple fact... And Eros had something to do with this separation, but neither Thanatos nor Hypnos will address their separation or even how Eros had anything to do with it. Thus it remains a mystery among gods and primordials.

Currently, however, Death owns almost every important business in the Netherworlds under the parent company Grim Enterprise. He owns real estate, banks, media companies, utilities, infrastructure,
manufacturing, and research companies all across the realm, and even some outside of the the realm.

He has created thousands of his own miniverses, in which he has private mansions and gardens to retreat into when he feels like being left alone.

He enjoys tea, black coffee, good scotch, and staying busy. Businessmen like Death are always working, so staying busy is easy. Slowing down is the hard part.

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