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Goddess of War
Mistress of Dread
The Mauler
Lady of Slaughter
Lion-Headed Goddess


Sekhmet has undergone many transformations. Each incarnate of her is both a part of her, but also completely separate.

Her birth starts off with Ra. He asked the goddess Hathor, his counterpart, to go to earth and seek his vengeance. He bestowed upon his beautiful partner the raw form of his power in the form of The Eye of Ra. The Eye of Ra transformed the gentle cow goddess into a fearsome lion. She descended upon the land and butchered anyone and anything that moved. Her voracity was too much for even the gods to witness, but they could not compel her to stop. They had to take The Eye of Ra away from her, but in order to do that, they'd have to trick her. Sekhemt's bloodlust was so strong, they died beer red and poured it on the sand. She lapped it up as if it were blood, never realizing she was getting drunk.

Once she fell into a drunken slumber, Ra sneaked up to her and removed the eye of Ra, returning her back into her original form as Hathor. However, this did not mean that Sekhmet was gone. She was worshiped across Egypt as a goddess of war, protection, love, and fertility. Her statues were rendered up and down the Nile. But as the lion began mellow and her worshipers saw her own gentle side, she was given another form. Bast. Bastet. The cat goddess. The goddess of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

Hathor, Sekhmet, and Bastet are also associated with other goddesses across the upper and lower kingdoms of the Nile. It goes to show how goddesses and women can be so multifaceted and dynamic and beautiful.

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