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God of Chaos
Ex-Angel (he didn't fall, he quit)
Blood Brother of Odin
Father of Monsters


Loki was a giant, an ex-Angel, the blood brother of Odin, the god of Chaos, the lover of Eros, and a dad. Loki had a historic habit of choosing company who were bad for him. And then the one time he picked someone good and true, Sigyn, he pushed her away. Loki was incredibly human, and us humans are a hot mess. Hence, Loki is the god of Chaos.

He was the father of 5 children, and the mother of at least one. His children were all scattered, tortured, or sometimes both, due to the gods' wanting to delay the coming of Ragnarök. This resulted in an extreme lack of trust or friendship between Loki and the other gods.

Fenrir was chained up by gods, betrayed by his best friend, Tyr.
Jörmungandr was cast out by Odin into the ocean, doomed to eat his own tail for eternity.
Hel was cast down by Odin into Niflheim to rule the underworld, never seeing light again.
Vali was transformed into a wolf by the gods so that he would kill his brother, Narfi.
Narfi was killed by his brother, Vali, whom the gods turned into a wolf. Then, his entrails were used to bind Loki to a rock.
Sleipnir was gifted to Odin by Loki, who wanted to guarantee that his child would remain safe in the controlled, protection of Odin.

Angrboða, Loki's first wife, left him after what happened to their three children Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel. The attacks on his children happened while Loki himself was out adventuring with Thor, so he couldn't have stopped them, and by the time he returned, it was too late. Angrboða had always viewed Loki as weak and cowardly, and when he tried to excuse why he did not and could not take revenge on Odin, she left. He didn't blame her.

Then, years later, Loki might have gotten away with his indirect murder of Baldr if he had not come back to rub it in. When he was caught, he was bound to a rock using Narfi's entrails, but Sigyn, his second wife, stayed with him during his imprisonment. A great snake had been positioned over Loki's body to drip acidic venom onto him, day and night. Sigyn stayed over him with a bowl and caught the venom. But if the bowl would tilt, she had to dump the bowl, her arms grew weak, or if she fell asleep the venom would hit Loki, and he'd scream in agony. And Loki didn't always behave gracefully when this happened, as he would sometimes direct his anger, pain, and exhaustion toward her. Never once did she deserve his misplaced scorn, but she shouldered the emotional burden anyway. When it was all said and done, and the imprisonment came to an end, so did their relationship. Too much had happened, and too much was lost.

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