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God of Dream
God of Nightmares
God of Unconsciousness/Subconsciousness
Twin brother of Thanatos


Hypnos said Billy Idol stole his look. Leather trench coat, combat boots, and punk rock. He was a trickster and a Cheshire Cat. Hypnos's realm of Dream was a place with its own physics and time. He could use the portals in Dream to slip through realities and get access to the inaccessible.

Hypnos had been in a long-term relationship with Eros, the god of Love and Eroticism, but the two had drifted apart at some point due to trust issues between the two. They would still flirt with one another, and they had maintained a deep friendship, but Eros had eventually met Loki, which shifted the dynamic between the two lovers.

Hypnos is also the twin brother of Death, also known as Thanatos. The brothers had never really get along, as Death viewed Hypnos as irresponsible and annoying, and Hypnos viewed death as uptight and arrogant. The two had created a magickal artifact that would be saved until the end of time, but Hypnos had lost the weapons during a poker game. Death never forgave him for this, but it was just one mistake, in a long line of disappointments.

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