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Giant Wolf
Son of Loki and Angrboða


Fenrir has trust issues. When he was a pup, the gods tricked him into a <i>game<i/> where they challenged him to break out of the strongest chains. Fenrir knew to be cautious of the gods as his father always told him to be, but father wasn't around often, and his best friend was a god. Tyr.

So, when the next chain they brought him was this thin necklace-like chain, it looked too easy to not be a trick. In order for him to agree to be bound by this chain, Fenrir demanded one of the gods put their hand in his mouth, so if it turned out to be a trap, the hand would come off with a snap. Unbeknownst to Fenrir, this was no ordinary chain, and it had been crafted with magick. Tyr, having a strong loyalty to the other gods and wanting to delay Ragnarök, knew that this was a trap the whole time. Even though he and Fenrir had been friends since pup-hood, the god did what he needed to do. He volunteered to put his hand in the god's mouth.

Tyr lost his hand that day, Fenrir lost all respect for the gods, including his father, Loki.

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