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God of Desire
God of Love
God of Eroticism


Eros, god of Desire, Love, and Eroticism, is a primordial god. He is the adoptive son of Venus, goddess of Love and Beauty, and Mars, god of War. Eros had a particular interest in Loki after the two became close friends at a party thrown by Death. The two had been inseparable since, as that friendship had blossomed into a romantic relationship. Before having met Loki, Eros had been with countless other partners that he kept track on in a little black book. He had a few serious, long-term relationships, such as Psyche and Dream, and it is possible that there had been even more. Members of other pantheons like to gossip and speculate on this, but Eros prefers to kiss and not tell, leaving all up to the imagination.

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