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Son of Death


Damien was born from the union of Death and Sekhmet, but was raised as a servant in Sekhmet's temple after Sehkmet begged the Fates not to destroy the child. The Fates didn't want him around because they foresaw how powerful he was to become. As he grew, his love for his mother also grew, in a most inappropriate way. As she had never told Damien that he was her son, she sent him away even though it pained her. Then, when he was vulnerable, they bribed a Jinni into tricking him to take her place. But she didn't even have to trick him. He felt like being a hero and signed right up to take her place.

That is when Damien became a Jinni. This way his ineffable powers could be controlled and puppeteered by the Fates. The Fates created a prison in a prison, which they had done before. The Jinni Bottle opened to whatever reality his master was in, and he would grant their wishes. But, when inside the bottle, he didn't have an <i>I Dream of Jeannie</i> setup. He was hanging by chains in Tartarus, where he was tortured by demons.

The Fates had Death's son right where they wanted him. His powers were essentially at their disposal, but he never knew who they were or that they were controlling him. He was therefore entirely incapable of posing a threat, until he was able to be plucked from Tartarus to be used against his father at their convenience.

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