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God of Time


Cronos, one of the sons of Gaia (Primordial goddess of Earth) and Uranus (Primordial god of the Sky), which made him a Titan. Gaia was getting very upset that Uranus was imprisoning some of her Titan children in Tartarus, so she made a great sickle, or a harpē, to be the weapon of his destruction. She asked all of her sons to help her rid herself of her husband. The only son who came to her aid was Cronos. Cronos took this sickle and waited until Uranus came to lay with Gaia. When the time came, Cronos leapt out and castrated his father, Uranus. Cronos tossed the bloody severed lumps into Oceanus, and then Cronos became king of the gods.

The new King took Rhea as his wife. She became known as the mother of the Olympians. You see, Cronos was given a prophesy by his castrated father, Uranus, that his own children would overthrow him. So, Cronos did the only rational thing to do when given this news. He ate his children. He ate newborn after newborn, and Rhea was understandably very distraught by this and meant to stop him. She switched out her next child with a rock before Cronos could see. He ate the rock instead of eating her newest child, whom she named Zeus.

Zeus was raised in secret, so that one day he might overthrow his father, and he did. Rhea made a vile drink then told Zeus to give it to Cronos as a gift. Cronos drank the poison and then proceeded to vomit out all of his swallowed children. This pile of vomit included the gods we all know and love today: Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. This pile of divine vomit is what became the age of the Olympians.

Cronos was then sent as punishment to measure time from beginning to end, never stopping, never resting. Thus, he became known as the god of time.

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