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Sons of Odin and Freya


Baldr was the golden child, and Hodr was blind.

The Norsemen were told by the Norns, aka the Fates, that Baldr would die. Baldr's mother, Frigg, made every living thing vow to never hurt him in an attempt to evade this fate; however, the Mistletoe vine refused. Despite this, the gods threw a lavish party celebrating his immortality- a throwing party. They threw dangerous things at Baldr to prove his invincibility.

Loki saw this glorious moment as a way to get vengeance on the gods. A way to finally avenge what the gods had done to his own children. However, he didn't want to get caught. He dressed an arrow tip in the juice of the mistletoe, knowing it was the only thing that refused Frigg's plea. In disguise, Loki gave the mistletoe-arrow to Hodr, Baldr’s blind brother. Hodr, not realizing he had been tricked, fired the lethal arrow at Baldr, the invincible and beloved god, who was not so invincible after all.

Baldr died as a result of the mistletoe-arrow, and Loki, who otherwise might have gotten away with it, bragged drunkenly at a party of his nefarious deed. He also blabbed out all of the gods' and goddess’s secrets… very loudly. It was this outburst that caused Odin, Baldr’s father and Loki’s blood brother, to condemn him to a cave, where Loki was chained down by his own son’s intestines so a viper would drip acidic venom on his bare body day and night.

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