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Goddess of Love
Goddess of Beauty
Goddess of Sex


Aphrodite came into existence when Cronos castrated Uranus and threw his severed bits off into Oceanus.
A great foam came rushing to shore on the waves, and who should arise out of the waves but Aphrodite herself. And when she stepped ashore, flowers bloomed and birds sang like she was the original Disney princess. She is the epitome of beauty, but she is also love and sex. She was also, technically, a Titan, but due to her impeccable beauty, the Olympians welcomed her with open arms when they came to power.

Most importantly to our story, when Eros escaped from Tartarus, the Fates understood he was too powerful to be imprisoned. But they still needed to control him somehow. So, they asked Aphrodite (after first asking Zeus) if she would be willing to take on the role of Eros's mother. She happily agreed. Aphrodite was grateful that the Olympians took her in when so many other Titans had been imprisoned in Tartarus. She knew she was powerful enough to keep an ever-watchful eye over the once-great primordial god and keep him in line.

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