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Eater of Corpses


Ghouls are shy, nocturnal creatures who typically lead solitary lives. There is very little known on ghouls, especially how they reproduce. We don't know if they copulate with one another or spawn like vampires do, by biting or "turning" another creature. In some myths, a ghoul is created by vampires themselves. Other theories say they reproduce in an asexual method such as fission, budding, or even fragmentation. But they are so secretive, we may never know.

What we do know is what their diets consist of. Ghouls are eaters of carrion, which is why their mouth is full of several rows of sharp teeth. Their needle-like teeth grow in crisscrossed directions to aid in the shredding of flesh. Ghouls who are more feral have been reported to eat from corpses stolen from graveyards. However, it is well known that modernity-adapted ghouls have made arrangements with vampires. Ghouls will dispose of the remains the vampires leave behind. Waste not.

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