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Feral Demons

Demons of the Woods


Feral demons are the things you see in horror movies. Monstrous, destructive, soul-eating spawns of hell. Not actually hell, but they sure-as-shit come off that way.

Lost little girls in the woods who have fingers like needles and a mouth of sharp teeth that are covered in blood. The thing in your attic that scratches at the walls and makes horrifying growling noises at midnight when it wants fed. The man in the abandoned asylum, who you can smell before you see him. He smells like bloated roadkill on a hot desert highway, and he looks like a grinning Slenderman.

The point is, these demons are not wine and dine "sophisticated" like others on this list. They are not kings or God's chosen rejects. They are lone predators or parasites that will stalk you through the night to take every last bit of blood or sanity from your body.

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