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Desert Entities


Djinn is a race of spirit with a very rich and complex history. What we need to know here, is that the Djinn who spend their time haunting humans are the ones who have escaped the Holy Servitude.

The world of the Djinn is known as A’lam Al-Jinn. Here, in this realm, the Djinn live without magick, despite being extremely powerful. The legend is that the Creator gave them phenomenal power, to test and tempt them. Only a perfect being like God should have the power to create. In the hands of anyone else, this power does nothing but destroy.

To ensure all Djinn learn this lesson, when they come of age, they are sent out for the Holy Servitude. During this time they, become Jinni, trapped inside a vessel, cursed to serve whomever owns the vessel. The Jinni's wishes can corrupt even the most pious of men.

The Jinni must withstand the Holy Servitude until they are returned home by God, or they are wished free by the master of their vessel. However, whoever wishes them free must take their place, but whoever wished them free might not know that.

If they are wished free, the Jinni can never return to A’lam Al-Jinn and must wander the earth, cut off from their community forever.

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